Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing 187
KfW-40 as standard

Haas Haus offers the KfW Energy Efficiency House 40 as standard at no extra cost*!
This means building a KfW Efficiency House pays off in two ways: You are saving on heating costs thanks to optimal thermal insulation and the modern heating technology of your KfW house, and you benefit from the attractive funding program by Kredit­anstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW—reconstruction loan bank). It grants a loan with ­attractive terms and an interesting repayment bonus—depending on whether you build a KfW Energy Efficiency House 55, 40, or even Plus-40. So you save ready cash on your prefab house!
*Condition: Implementation on foundation slab, according to latest construction and delivery terms. House model as per Haas house catalog and subject to suitable ground conditions.



Regnauer Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG
Musterhaus Poing

Energy efficiency—
the healthy living solution:
a Regnauer vitality wall

At the center of the concept: the unique vitality wall. The natural wood fiber ­insula­tion creates a comfortable ambience and a warm atmosphere, as can only be found in Regnauer Vitalhouses. Excellent heat storage capacity, hand-friendly surfaces, a natural room climate and summer heat protection characterize this biological alter­native. Triple-glazed wood aluminum windows manufactured in-house. Vital­house roof with waterproof sub-roof membrane. The perfect building skin. Thermal-bridge-free construction with certified airtightness and low energy consumption. Energy concepts eligible for various grants up to PlusEnergy house standard are available. You decide on the energy standard of your Vitalhouse.



LUXHAUS Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG
LUXHAUS | fine

Plus-energy house with
smart energy efficiency

Our LUXHAUS Climatic Wall technology with excellent insulation properties and the intelligent and networked monitoring of room, outside and screed temperature ­minimizes energy consumption in the show house: The direct-electric heating is optimized so that it works mainly during the high-yield periods of the PV system. The energy required is supplied by a roof-integrated photovoltaic system. Only when the room temperature falls below a minimum threshold value, the presence or absence of an energy yield will be ignored. A solar battery (sonnenBatterie) integrated into the house buffers the electricity produced, thus minimizing the need for external power. Excess energy is fed into the power grid.



FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG
Generation X
Efficiency House 40 Plus—
naturally independent

FischerHaus builds efficiency class KfW 40 as standard. As a result, the Fischer house needs 60% less energy, i.e. a maximum of 40% of the permissible energy of the EnEV (energy conservation ordinance). So with a FischerHaus you are always within the green range on the official efficiency scale. And you are automatically entitled to the extensive KfW grants with repayment subsidy. With the PLUS, i.e. the independence package consisting of photovoltaic and battery storage, you will be eligible for the highest state subsidies. Make yourself independent of gas and oil, independent of energy suppliers. In the future, most of the energy will be produced in-house: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hot water, power for the various ­appliances. An in-roof PV system, a wind turbine and a façade photovoltaic system will be on display at the show house.


Passivhaus EOS173

Bärenhaus homes meet the
KfW Efficiency House 40
requirements as standard

Living in style and saving energy costs: Basically, all BÄRENHAUS houses on ­­foundation slab meet the KfW class 40 Efficiency House standards. The highly insulated building envelope with windows, entrance door, ceiling and exterior wall ensures that the energy produced in the house is not lost. In addition to the 31 cm Efficiency House exterior wall with a U-value of 0.13 W/m²K, builders can opt for the 37 cm Efficiency House Plus wall with a U-value of 0.11 W/m²K as an alternative. The highly insulated building envelope is the basis for long-term low heating costs. Heating technology plays an important role in modern house building. The BÄRENHAUS standard includes an air-to-water heat pump with underfloor heating.


Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing G 154

“Filling up” with your
own electricity

This state-of-the-art house is impressive not only due to its ample space and comfort. As a KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus, it is energy-conscious and practical. The direct current generated by the photovoltaic system is first converted into alternating current by the inverter. Excess electricity is stored in the in-house battery and made available when required. In addition to powering household appliances and sockets, this electricity can also be used to recharge the electric car at the in-house charging station. Unused electricity can be fed back into the power grid so that you not only save, but also generate a profit.



Musterhaus Poing
Individual and energy-efficient

An energy-saving house from STREIF is built individually for each client. The detailed require­ments analysis, which is free of charge for those interested in a STREIF home, forms a secure basis for house planning. In addition to the excellent thermal insulation properties of the sustainable wood panel construction, innovative building services and, above all, the exact planning of the floor plans with regard to the layout, number and size of the rooms are decisive for later living comfort. Every STREIF house is a KfW eligible energy efficiency house. The high quality has been documented by the seals of approval and quality of independent institutes and associations. STREIF has been your house building partner since 1929 with more than 85,000 customer homes realized.



Wolf System GmbH
Environmentally sound,
healthy and energy-conscious

Arche Nova is a modern concept for an environmentally and energy-conscious way of building. There is a wealth of holistic, eco-conscious know-how underlying our Arche Nova idea: The Arche Nova wall is produced from well tolerated, non-allergenic construction materials, which processes native wood in accordance with natural principles. In an Arche Nova House, you can enjoy a healthy, allergy-free living environ­ment and ambient air without harmful substances. The insulating wood panels allow the house walls to breathe and create a natural moisture balance: the wood holds up to 20% of its own weight in moisture and returns it to the surroundings if the room air is too dry. In addition, wood is able to absorb pollutants sustainably.



WeberHaus GmbH & Co. KG
WeberHaus Individual
Everything for a KfW Efficiency
House 40 Plus now as standard

Energy-efficient, smart and innovative—that is the “Home4Future.” The pioneering home-building concept is included in the basic equipment of WeberHaus. It combines ecological insulation, photovoltaic systems, battery storage, heating and ventilation technology and intelligent house control to create an environmentally friendly home that meets the high requirements of a KfW 40 Plus Efficiency House. The ÖvoNatur Therm building envelope is the heart of every Weber house and, with a U-value of 0.11 W/m²K, is a technical masterpiece. The special quality is shown in the excellent heat, cold and sound insulation, in the active moisture regulation and in the high load capacity. In combination with the controlled ventilation system including heat recovery, the heating costs are reduced enormously.



Musterhaus Poing
From a Classic to the
PlusEnergy House

Energy efficiency is a high priority at DAVINCI HAUS. Any DAVINCI HOUSE built according to planning meets the energy requirements of the KfW Efficiency House 55. At the same time, we wish to ensure that the filigree timber-frame structure remains fully visible both inside and outside. “Constructive clarity” is the leading principle. On request, a DAVINCI house can be outfitted as a PlusEnergy House already today, generating more energy than it consumes. For example, sun protection glazing with a U-value of 0.5 W/m²K is used. The special roof construction meets even the Passive House standard. Advanced heat pump systems sustainably lower the already low energy consumption.


Musterhaus Montana L
Contemporary, energy-efficient
single-family/duplex houses
built as Efficiency Houses 40 as standard

RENSCH HOUSE has been building houses for over 140 years. This long company history has been possible only because the company is constantly evolving and growing with the needs of its builders. As a result, it is RENSCH-HAUS tradition to build inno­vatively, energy-efficient and sustainably. RENSCH houses on foundation slabs are built as KfW Efficiency Houses 40 as standard. The company achieves this standard thanks to the innovative insulation concept thermo-around active in combi­nation with modern heating technology. A brine/water heat pump and controlled ventilation system ensure a healthy indoor climate in the Montana show house. Home automation is controlled by the RENSCH-HAUS i-tec® smart home technology.



Keitel-Haus GmbH
Haus München
Ecologically sound and
sustainable energy concepts

Open and bright—this the impression which immediately arouses enthusiasm for the Keitel house in Munich. It is reflected in the entrance hall, the generous cooking and dining area, as well as in the light-flooded living quarters. Real eye-catchers are the carefully planned details: comfortably-sized bay windows, large windows at floor-level, and the airy, floating staircase leading to the top gallery. But it’s not only these architectural eye-catchers that appeal in the exterior and interior design of a home. The energy concept too has been consistently implemented with a combina­tion of heat pump and solar photovoltaic system, meeting the KfW 55 standard. All in all far more than just a solid family residence solution with a pleasant country house façade and several outdoor spaces.







Lechner Massivhaus GmbH
Musterhaus München
In the here and now,
future-oriented and

LECHNER Massivhaus builds houses today that are up to the requirements of tomorrow—solid, of stable value and energy-saving, with technologies and amenities that reconcile living comfort, energy efficiency and economic aspects. The advantages of solid clay walls are immediately noticeable, for example their excellent heat storage capacity, saving heating costs and protecting the environment. Our buildings meet all criteria of the EnEV according to the latest standards, to which we certify with the energy performance certificate. Depending on the location and amenities of your building project, your LECHNER Massive House is eligible for KfW subsidies.


Musterhaus Selection München-Poing
A perfect living experience with
our climate comfort house

The new Selection Munich-Poing is a highly thermally insulated energy producer. The 40 Plus efficiency house generates electricity on its roof, using it for heating, venti­la­tion, hot water and household electricity. To ensure that the power generated free of charge thanks to solar energy is also available when the sun is not shining, the solar battery stores the excess energy from sunny days. It makes you as building owners completely independent of fossil fuels.
The combination of climate-comfort construction and climate-comfort heating is complemented by the Loxone Energy smart home system with its innovative standby killer function. Particularly efficient settings ensure that the smart home system saves up to 50% of energy.


Innovative and future-proof building

State-of-the-art and innovative home and heating technologies that are embedded in every Schwabenhaus mean lower energy costs for you as a homeowner. Thanks to their future-oriented technologies and the environmentally friendly as well as excellent thermal insulation, our buildings achieve the energy efficiency class A+ (according to EnEV) and the Efficiency House 55 standard. Already in the standard version, home builders will get a KfW Efficiency House 55 eligible for subsidies and KfW’s low-interest loans, including a repayment subsidy. Optionally, you can even make your Schwabenhaus into an Efficiency House 40 or 40+ thanks to intelligent combinations of insulation, heating and technology packages.



Rötzer-Ziegel-Element-Haus GmbH
Avantgarde 200
The brick element construction
method: faster—better—
more efficient

Your Rötzer Massiv House is built for the future. Best energy properties, state-of-the-art climate and insulation technology and long-term stability of value due to the proven solid construction give you the reassurance of building a house that will still be up to date tomorrow. In addition, we build your brick house less expensively, faster and more accurately to dimensions than traditional house construction methods thanks to the latest manufacturing technology. And why bricks? The “natural” advantages of the material, combined with the latest developments in construction technology and thermal insulation, have a positive impact on healthy living and energy efficiency.


Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co. KG
Musterhaus Alpenchic
Sustainable and climate-friendly
eco-efficiency house

A sustainable energy concept makes the Baufritz show house “Alpine Chic” a nearly energy self-sufficient house. The efficient components of photovoltaics, fuel cell and energy storage operate perfectly hand in hand. The heart of the whole system is a fuel cell heater that sets a new benchmark in terms of forward-looking and climate protecting, modern energy technology. Excess energy can be fed into the public grid—or used to charge your e-bike! Baufritz realizes each building as a KfW Efficiency House 55, optionally as a KfW 40 or 40 Plus already as standard. Both the environment and house-building customers can thus benefit from the economical, resource-saving building efficiency technology—including attractive subsidies!



BSH Holzfertighaus GmbH
Landhaus Exklusiv
Individual & Sustainable.
Since 1977

At Bodenseehaus, we consider building from a holistic perspective. A healthy living environment and excellent thermal insulation are very closely linked. Our breathable wall and roof constructions achieve U-values of up to 0.129 W/m²K, and in con­junction with an additional insulating layer, even up to 0.104 W/m²K. We also use highly efficient heat pumps, to extract the thermal energy from the environment, such as from the outside air or from the ground. This is how we create an individual, durable and future-proof energy efficiency house for our building owners.


Rubner Haus
25a Residenz “Alma”
25b Blockhaus “Clara”
Our contribution to
climate protection

For 55 years, Rubner Haus has stood for energy-efficient building with wood. Our block house, Casablanca and timber frame building wall systems meet the highest quality standards for all climatic conditions. The interplay of wood with natural insulating materials (soft wood fiber, cork) results in energy savings of up to 80% and ensures a healthy indoor climate. Excellent thermal insulation values meet the low-energy and passive house requirements. Applying the latest technologies such as photovoltaics, geothermal energy or heat pumps, we also realize energy-producing buildings.






Bien-Zenker GmbH
Out of respect for
future generations

Maximum energy efficiency is no longer just an issue that affects your wallet. Today, it is at least as much about what kind of world you want to leave your children. With Bien-Zenker, you can build your house as an energy-saving house, an Efficiency House 55, 40, 40 Plus or even a Plus Energy House. You may even become a net producer of electricity, because over the year, the photovoltaic system on your roof produces more energy than you need for heating thanks to efficient heat pump heating and optimal thermal insulation. This will turn your dream home into a real climate hero who makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection.





Danhaus—Das 1Liter-Haus!
Optionally KfW efficiency house 55, 40 or 40+

Danhaus has set the standard for construction of highly efficient energy-saving homes. For wall construction, we have developed a special polar thermal protection, which is supplied as standard. This extreme insulation technology, tried and tested in the Arctic Circle, in combination with triple glazing and high-performance heat pump/ventilation systems makes every Danhaus into an extremely frugal 1-liter-house! and a KfW-40 Efficiency House eligible for subsidy—with a healthy, com­fortable climate. The Scandinavian architecture, the innovative energy-saving concept and the biologically and ecologically sound construction method with natural materials characterize every Danhaus, whether it’s a bungalow, villa or town house with attic, with stone veneer, plaster or wood façade.



Huber & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG
Naturally made of wood,
for a special living experience

Every Huber timber house is unique, just like its inhabitants. Our timber houses are made of wood through and through, because sustainability and energy efficiency begin with the choice of the building envelope. Our patented Huber solid wood wall not only has high thermal insulation values, it also ensures a pleasant, cool indoor climate in summer when temperatures are high. Thanks to the highly insulating building envelope made of natural, renewable insulating materials in combination with state-of-the-art, resource-saving building services, we offer energy-efficient houses of the future—from a KfW house eligible for subsidies, to the passive house, to the EnergyPlus house. Our timber houses can be fitted with the most up-to-date, highly efficient photovoltaic systems with electricity storage to become an “inhouse power plant,” enabling the house to be powered largely independently.


Gruber Holzhaus GmbH
Gruber Naturholzhaus
Energy-efficient construction—
innovative, future-proof and stable in value

Gruber natural wood houses offer building owners individual energy systems tailored to their living needs and everyday habits, from controlled ventilation to photovoltaic systems with storage technology. Roof and wall mounting is foil-free and diffusion-open with the best U-value (0.1–0.15 W/m²K). The outer wall with front installation level within the airtight outer shell makes your house particularly durable and flexible for any redesign plans. The wood-aluminum windows with highly heat-insulated triple-pane glazing are both pleasing and energy-saving, innovative and efficient the compact unit for heating, ventilation and hot water. Gruber provides builders the best funding standards (KfW 40, often with plus energy).






SchwörerHaus KG
Modernes Doppelhaus mit Satteldach
90% Energy recycling in
KfW Efficiency House 55

The components of Schwörer’s building technology form a coherent system that offers the residents maximum living comfort and energy savings. In addition to careful planning, the basis for the highly thermally insulated and airtight building envelope is, above all, the precise execution. The controlled ventilation with heat recovery, which you will find in every Schwörer house—with a pollen filter for allergy sufferers on request—ensures a constant, healthy exchange of air. While the left half of the house with underfloor heating operated by an air/water heat pump generates the greatest possible thermal comfort, the Schwörer fresh air heating in the right half of the house achieves an energy recycling rate of approx. 90%. A roof-mounted PV system generates ecologically clean solar power.



FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG
The Electricity House­­—
intelligent, independent

Being independent of the power giants. Something we all want! In the new model house CasaMina, living the future has become reality. A house that needs con­ventional electricity only as a backup. With its very highly insulated structural shell, FischerHaus imitates a polar bear: Losing as little energy to the environment as possible, using as much energy as possible from the environment! The sun plays a fundamental role in this. The energy produced will be stored in a battery storage, an electric vehicle and in the screed, then used for heating, hot water or for driving as necessary. Like all Fischer houses, the “CasaMina Elektro-Haus” too is a KfW efficiency house 40, for which home builders can get the highest subsidy funding from KfW Bank.







HARTL HAUS Holzindustrie GmbH
Musterhaus Ambition 157 W
Intelligent self-sufficiency
with an eco-heart

The Ambition 157 W New Life by HARTL HAUS is a smart eco-house at heart, dem­onstrating on 157 m² of floor space how well-conceived living of the future can look. The HARTL HAUS building envelope and windows already meet the requirements of a KfW efficiency house 40 Plus. Due to the PV system including battery storage, the benefit is both ecological and economic, because it was designed as a plus energy house. This means that the house becomes self-sufficient and produces more energy than its occupants consume. The surplus electricity is first fed into the battery and then into the public grid—good for climate protection and for your budget.






Keilhofer GmbH
Stadtvilla im Gründerzeit-Stil

Wall and energy concept
of the future

The solid wood wall “lignapur” that retains its value is made of 12 cm cross laminated timber and the exposed roof truss design made of lumber core plywood (Duoholz) in conjunction with an extremely efficient, full-area wall and roof insulation made of softwood fiber provide for a unique indoor climate. Due to the reinforced concrete ceiling between the ground and the upper floor, we achieve the highest standards of sound insulation. In contrast, we achieve the lowest operating costs for electricity and heat by using innovative future technology with micro-CHP based on fuel cells.
We think ahead!



Hanse Haus GmbH & Co. KG
Variant 25–192
Our wall structures: KfW 40-plus
building envelope as standard

To keep heat loss through the building envelope to a minimum, Hanse Haus relies on an all-around thermal insulation, as in the case of our Variant 25–192. Besides individual planning and various equipment options, Hanse Haus offers several choices also in the implementation of innovative home automation and energy-saving tech­nologies. The building envelope of a Hanse Haus meets the requirements of a KfW Efficiency House 40 plus already in the standard version. Naturally, Hanse Haus will also realize your KfW Efficiency House 55/40, Passive House or PlusEnergy house as desired, creating a unique and distinctive home customized to the home-owner’s visions, with a built-in future.


HUF Haus ART 5
The harmony between
transparent architecture
and energy efficiency

The innovative HUF HAUS timber-frame architecture fascinates at first glance. The expressive outward appearance is coined by the visible timber frame with its clear structures, as well as by the generous transparency, building a visual bridge to the surrounding nature and creating the unique HUF house living experience. At the same time, owing to the intelligent design principle with highly effective insulation, a level of energy efficiency has been achieved that is revolutionary for framework construction. All HUF Houses that are built according to specifications correspond in their basic configuration to the KfW classification Efficiency House 55. On request, your half-timbered house can also be built as an Efficiency House 40 or 40 Plus.






Climate ceiling system:
Saving energy with the
heat radiation principle!

Strictly following our approach to generate and use heat in an environmentally conscious and low-cost way, the climate ceiling system fits perfectly into our product range. It creates a comfortable indoor climate without heating the air, thus saving energy. Due to the gentle heat radiation on furniture, wall and floor surfaces, the perceived room temperature is up to 3°C above the actual temperature. The heat is stored in the solid elements, not in the air. A lower supply temperature saves additional energy and is ideal for regenerative energy generation (e.g. heat pump). For cooling, the system works exactly the other way round: creating a comfortable room temperature without the cold drafts and noise of an air conditioning system.






FingerHaus GmbH
A prefabricated house
that produces more energy
than it consumes.

The MEDLEY 3.0 of the Hessian FingerHaus prefabricated house manufacturer leaves nothing to be desired. Modern architecture, a versatile floor plan and clever detail solutions create a welcoming atmosphere. The conservatory extends the living and dining area—in addition, a cozy seat window provides a homely retreat. Thanks to the 2.15-meter knee wall, a lot of storage space is available in the attic. The MEDLEY 3.0 show house is built in prefabricated wood construction and thus exemplary for ecological building. As a KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus, it generates more energy than it needs for operation thanks to its highly insulated THERMO+ building shell and efficient home automation technology. Special features include the intelligent Smart Home solution.



CLARON 1.1090 / MAGOS 2.1960
Premium timber construction for
self-sufficiency: Real Plus Energy
Houses with system guarantee

KAMPA was the first in the industry to make real plus-energy houses the standard. The basic requirement is a perfectly insulated building envelope, reducing the heating energy requirement to a minimum. The remaining, low energy requirement is generated from solar energy. Every house is built as a self-sufficient house with real plus energy and significantly exceeds KfW requirements: In addition to heating and hot water, the power generated is also sufficient for household appliances and lighting. The unique energy & heating system has been awarded the Viessmann system certificate. The bungalow even features a finished basement fitted with unique skylights, offering full-fledged living space: comfortable, flooded with light and with best indoor climate. KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus as standard.


Ziegelmontagebau Johanni GmbH
Musterhaus München
Energy efficiency through solid
construction in combination with
modern technology

Thanks to our design and the materials used in combination with the right home automation technology, we meet as standard the energy consumption requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), in force since 2016. We are also able to meet higher efficiency class requirements at your request. Due to its solid construction, the indoor climate and stability of value of the house will remain for decades.


With ALBERT Haus, energy-
saving will be the future.

When it’s cold outside, it’s cozily warm in an ALBERT house. When the next heat record is about the break, it is still cool in an ALBERT house. It matters to us what the future looks like. That is why—thanks to a variety of structural components and details—all of our homes are as energy-efficient as required by our customers. The interaction of wall construction (wood-fiber thermal insulation panels) and archi­tectural planning, and the use of intelligent home automation, heating and cooling technology helps our home builders do one thing most of all in future: SAVE!





Stüber Holzhaus GmbH
Musterhaus “Cubus-Designline”
Contemporary, efficient houses
made of timber

A Stüber house conveys a sense of security, it is the foundation for a healthy feel-good climate and meets all requirements for modern timber house construction. Wood, the traditional, renewable building material, is becoming more and more important in our era of increasing health awareness. Feeling, seeing and smelling wood is a unique pleasure, increasing our well-being. The positive ecological balance and the incomparably high energy efficiency of timber houses are convincing more and more family home builders. Owing to the innovative building method Stüber timber houses already meet the KfW efficiency house 40 standard and offer best require­ments for the KfW Effizienzhaus 40+ standard.


MVS Ziegelbau
Massivhaus München
Solid. Versatile. Strong.

No matter whether you want to make your future brick house your home, rent it out or sell it later: energy consumption will always play an essential role. A house needs electricity and heat, which in view of rising energy prices will increasingly be a major cost factor. To reduce the energy consumption of your Massivhaus to a minimum, we recommend building with our Thermopor TV-7 clay block brick. This ensures a pleasant, cozy climate in your home and perfectly satisfies all energy efficiency requirements (KfW Efficiency House 55, 40 and 40 plus). The low thermal conductivity of our brick guarantees the highest heat retention, low energy consumption and eliminates the need for additional outer wall insulation.


Fertighaus WEISS GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Competence in resource-
efficient energy concepts

WEISS energy saving houses are prime examples among the efficiency houses. With their energy- and resource-saving construction method, intelligent building services and smart control solutions, they set standards, while standing also for sophisticated architecture and upscale living comfort. The show house in Poing presents a thoroughly elaborated energy concept with photovoltaic system and battery storage as well as an e-charging station. In addition, the model home offers the comfort and high efficiency in building services typical for WEISS prefabricated houses: The KfW Efficiency House 40 plus is equipped with an air-to-water heat pump, underfloor heating, controlled ventilation and a radio-based, expandable smart home system.









Lehner Haus GmbH
Lehner Musterhaus Poing
KfW 40 Plus Efficiency House,
sustainable and economical
at the same time

The show house in Poing is a very economical KfW 40+ prefabricated timber house of premium quality—depending on the construction and building services, selection of windows and ventilation, it is available as a turnkey house or as a bare-bone house version for any amount of self-building work in various efficiency classes. It offers inhabitants a beautiful home with lots of light and space, its size and the entire interior design can be adapted to their wishes. Whether with floor slab or with a partial basement, with a lot or less exposed wood—owners have maximum freedom in their planning and design. They can start from the existing model home and, together with our experienced consultants in Poing, develop and build their own dream house according to their preferences.






SchwörerHaus KG
Energieplus-Haus im
modernen Landhausstil
Safety, comfort and efficiency in
a Schwörer PlusEnergy House

While homes used to be seen as energy consumers, with the latest technologies they may become energy producers. The Schwörer-components: a highly insulated building shell, in combination with the thermal resistance basement ceiling and quality passive house windows. The extremely low power requirement is supplied by the innovative Schwörer fresh-air heater with controlled ventilation with heat recovery. With an energy storage unit, in combination with a photovoltaic system, self-generated power is used effectively and private consumption optimized. Any surplus energy generated can be used e.g. for electromobility. This benefits the environment in two ways: CO2-free power generation and zero-emission transport.





OKAL Haus GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Catching the sunrays, convert
and use them—with a domestic
power station

We live sustainability. The best example is the E3DC solar home power plant that we offer as an equipment option for each of our houses. It is a future-oriented technology that makes users more independent of the sun. This is because the device is able to store the solar energy generated by a roof-mounted photovoltaic system and thus available to residents when they need it. The home power plant is designed to set up an independent network within the house, ensuring the entire energy supply. Even when the sun does not shine. Or when there is a power outage in the surrounding area. The system ensures that the regenerative energy can be used as required.








Living Fertighaus GmbH
Viva the future+!
Safe planning for your
energy costs

With Living House you are not building a house, but building your new home. And your home, that is you and the people who live there with you. So when you think of home, you don’t think in terms of kilowatt peak and U-values, but rather about how you want to live. And so that you can live carefree, safety is a built-in feature in your living house. During the construction period with the guaranteed bare-bone house concept, full of design freedom and service that is unique in the industry. But what about afterwards? All safe with the I-KON principle. Because it ensures you have maximum security for your home energy costs for the future. Because you generate the electricity yourself. Everything is planned in a perfectly coordinated way and so that you get maximum funding. Future with a plus!


Aumer Massivhaus
Musterhaus Poing
Build solidly—
cut energy costs

Environmentally friendly building means thinking about the future maintenance costs and your energy consumption. Therefore, we always strive for low-energy con­struc­tion with alternative energy technologies. An energy-efficient Aumer-house helps every day to cut energy costs while reducing CO2 emissions. And: the Credit Institute for Reconstruction (KfW) rewards the construction of highly energy-efficient homes with attractive financing programs at low interest rates. And the better the energy quality of a house, the greater the future value of your investment.






allkauf haus GmbH
Prestige 2V2
KFW 55 thanks to optimized
energy efficiency in every house

Building sustainably and energy-efficiently is more important than ever. To under­score this point, allkauf not only offers an economical all-round carefree package, but also KFW 55 as standard. What does that mean for you? With this classification, all allkauf bare-bone houses are significantly better than specified in the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) for new buildings.
The natural building materials used, sustainable heat recovery and a solar system for domestic water heating all contribute to an ecological construction.








Griffnerhaus GmbH
Musterhaus Classic München
Energy-conscious building
means saving energy

Every GRIFFNER house is designed as a low-energy house as standard. It requires far less energy than the current new building standard dictates. The most important thing is efficient heating and building services. When planning your GRIFFNER house, KfW energy efficiency standards eligible for subsidies are taken into account right from the start while meeting all prescribed technical and energetic standards. Our innovative and patented wall systems Energy2+*, in combination with the natural building materials, create an incomparably comfortable indoor climate and also ensure an excellent energy balance. The typical GRIFFNER wall structure provides perfect insulation in winter and ideal heat protection in summer.


ELKHAUS Deutschland
ELK 189 Effizienzhaus
Conserving resources—
saving money

With ELKHAUS you build energy efficient—and save money in addition! Every ELK house features with a carefully thought-out energy concept. You have a choice of having your ELK house implemented in the KfW-Efficiency House 40, 40 Plus or 55 design. In addition, you benefit twice over: Thanks to the optimal thermal insulation and the modern heating technology of your ELK house, you are reducing your energy consumption. At the same time, you have the chance to take advantage of attractive subsidies from the Credit Institute for Reconstruction (KfW). Another profitable investment: your own solar power plant. A photovoltaic system—optionally with or without battery storage system—saves fossil fuels and is ecologically sound.


Habitat21 Deutschland GmbH
habitat21—Bauen und Wohnen
im 21. Jahrhundert
Innovative construction enables
consistent energy savings

Every habitat21 house is built on an innovative carrier system. The outer skin consists of insulating panels, which are available in three different insulation versions (PU, mineral wool, wood fiber). Home builders thus have the option of getting an extremely cost-effective eco-house of the highest energy efficiency standard. We offer a 40-year warranty on homogeneous insulation. In addition, we use a patented window tech­nique which moreover prevents thermal bridges due to installation in the insulation layer. In the blower-door test, habitat21 houses achieved impressive values. A decentralized ventilation system is also feasible.




invivo haus GmbH
Musterhaus München
Solid, energy-efficient
brick house for a good feeling

Energy efficiency is the core issue in new buildings today. An invivo house offers excellent heat storage capacity and low energy consumption thanks to its heat-insulating and moisture-regulating bricks. The ecological and solid brick construction ensures a healthy living climate and high value retention. invivo haus builds the KfW Efficiency House 55 according to EnEV 2016. On request, KfW Efficiency House 40 and 40 Plus are also possible. All houses are equipped with a highly efficient heat pump with controlled ventilation plus heat recovery as standard. With more than 40 years of expertise in solid house construction and a fixed price guarantee of
12 months, invivo haus convinces its enthusiastic builders.




Bauer Konzepthaus GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Individual efficiency

With a view to climate change, high-quality energy efficiency is an essential pre­requisite. We build your dream home in the KfW 55, KfW 40 or KfW 40 plus standard according to your individual ideas. We rely on a high-quality insulated cellar and, from the ground floor to the top floor, on natural bricks without additional external insulation. We achieve this with a brick thickness of just 36.5–42.5 cm. Individual construction elements (windows, front door) and a carefully constructed roof complete our homo­geneous construction concept. Modern heating technology (heat pump, fuel cell, pellet) and an efficient ventilation system complement the high-quality building envelope.






Drevo Haus GmbH
high-efficiency homes

Anyone deciding to build a house these days is deciding at the same time what energy balance will be left to future generations—and what costs are associated with that in the short and long term. Tailored to your individual needs and with a keen concern for energy efficiency, we offer a range of options.
The smartest way to minimize energy consumption is to avoid the need for energy in the first place. For this reason, we at DrevoHaus have developed particularly energy-saving building envelopes. This ensures that there is only a minimum demand of energy to be met.



ANDREAS Systemhaus
Bungalow Poing
Saving with solar energy

Besides the building shell, an important component of the ANDREAS Systemhaus is the energy-saving heating and ventilation system. Or a photovoltaic system designed for your home with expandable battery storage and a ventilation heat pump with user-friendly control unit (“man, that’s really simple”). We provide wood stud structures with wood fiber insulation, solid building brick with integrated insulant made of renew­-able raw materials, or “Habitat,” the low-priced sandwich system without foundation slab mounted on screw-in foundations. No matter whether a KfW 55, Passive or PlusEnergy house: We at ANDREAS Systemhaus are always a step ahead. Also storey extension, heating-plumbing, solar-PV or complete renovation.