Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing 187
Living and working with
in-built flexibility

In the digital world, often your place of work is not the deciding factor. Home office is the buzzword here. The Poing 187 show home offers sufficient possibilities for this in an office on the ground floor. A ground floor office also creates additional space, which can be used as a guest room. However, there is also room for more—the MH Poing 187 features an extra space with the external appearance of a garage, to be used as an office or for a small business. So not a single square meter of living space is wasted. If the needs change later on, a small granny flat could generate rental income with manageable effort or later be used as a separate apartment for children or family members.



LUXHAUS Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG
LUXHAUS | fine

Building healthy living

The LUXHAUS know-how in healthy building construction has been confirmed by the Sentinel Haus Institut (SHI). A process developed by the SHI in cooperation with medium-sized construction companies makes it possible to determine the indoor air quality according to defined criteria. The “Health Passport” certificate details the recommended values from various institutions and recommendations, such as those of the Federal Environment Agency or the World Health Organization. The strictly regulated indoor air measurements of a tested LUXHAUS customer house showed levels many times below the legally prescribed reference value. It is the result of the LUXHAUS Climatic wall technology, the targeted use of suitable building materials and the careful house construction processes, which prevent air quality pollution.



FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG
Generation X

Factor X—living concepts that
provide double happiness

Many building owners have historically catered for the “here and now”: They built spaces with the necessary children’s rooms, realizing years later after the children left, that the layout of the house in no way fits their lifestyle anymore. The “Generation X” is designed as a multigenerational home, and as such, it represents a first in the model homes park. Generous living space on two floors provides abundant living amenities. Built-in under the roof terrace is a disabled-friendly apartment for one or two users covering an area of approximately 50 m². It allows the older generation to participate in the life of the “young,” without abandoning their own independence.



Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing G 154

A living space also
in the basement

Space-saving construction, multi-generational living: these topics are likely to have a major impact on the construction of residential space in the future. One way is to include the basement areas as living space. Efficient space utilization characterizes sensible architecture. This is why the basement of the G 154 house from Haas is completely thermally insulated and can be used as living space. This house clearly illustrates that with excavation, good lighting conditions can be created in the basement, even on a flat property. The house above ground can be inhabited by a single family, with a separate apartment in the basement for children or lodgers, accessible via an external staircase. These extra apartments are usually eligible for state funding.



Musterhaus Poing
Future living—Living and
working under the same roof

More and more people have been discovering the advantages of working from home in the recent past. This topic will continue to play an increasingly important role in the future. We are offering comfortable solutions that combine living and working. Whether it’s an open office, your own study or even a work area with separate entrance and guest toilet, so that customers or employees don’t need to enter private premises. In addition, smart technology optimizes working conditions, making everyday life easier. We make the compatibility of family and career a reality. And we integrate the surrounding nature into the living and working environment. For your personal work-life balance.



Musterhaus Montana L
Living & Working

Working from home is attractive to many and becoming more and more important in the digital age. The Montana model house by RENSCH-HAUS is an ideal source of inspiration for an individual home with a separate office. Access to the spacious extension, which can be ideally set up as a home office, is located in the entrance area. The work area is connected to the living area, but still separate. The floor plan with full basement offers ample space for the whole family. In addition to an open kitchen, dining and living area, there is also space for a guest room and guest toilet on the ground floor. The bedroom with dressing area, two children’s rooms and a large, modern family bathroom are located upstairs.








DHM Deutsche HausManufaktur GmbH
Space 6 / Space 4
The individual Prefab House
made of solid modules

This new type of construction system was developed by Deutsche Hausmanufaktur to offer a fast, sustainable yet cost-effective solution to the growing problem on the housing market: industrial and resource-saving prefabrication from solid living space modules of high quality. Great flexibility in terms of lengths and widths of the individual modules allows an immense variety of floor plan variations. It offers ideal solutions for individual homes, from small bungalows to spacious city villas for large families. All of this with maximum deadline and cost security, as can only be guaranteed by the degree of completion of 90% and more, something that has not been achieved in prefab construction to date.








Lechner Massivhaus GmbH
Musterhaus München
Building for generations

When building a home, it is essential to bear the future in mind. This applies to thermal insulation and energy efficiency to keep costs under control and equally to the durability and value retention of the building. For all these aspects, building with healthy clay provides excellent reasons. Particularly in times of increasingly extreme weather phenomena, the stability of solid walls is a key decision criterion. Lechner Massivhaus also relies on future-proof systems for the technical amenities. A great example is the innovative fuel cell technology, which enables homeowners not only to heat in an energy-efficient way, but to generate their own electricity at the same time. Up for viewing in the show house in Poing.


Musterhaus Selection München-Poing

Maximum flexibility
for communal living

The new model house Selection München-Poing is an absolute dream home that adapts to the needs of the client. The rooms of the house can be used flexibly thanks to the clever modules and, based on the arrangement, offer a perfect work-life balance by combining work and living. In addition, the new model house is barrier-optimized, offering both comfortable living for best agers and relaxed coexistence for young families with children.
To make everyday life even more comfortable, access, heating, shading, light and energy as well as sound and multimedia are controlled via the integrated Loxone smart home system.



Maximum flexibility
for communal living

Our vision at Schwabenhaus: we want to revolutionize home planning. In addition to free planning, future builders should be able to quickly and easily configure and customize their dream home. Our concept for this is the unique modular home system, which offers a large variety of well-thought-out home ideas that also fulfill many different client requirements. There are various design layout ideas that allow individual planning of multi-generation homes for shared living. With almost infinite possibilities, it makes for a tailor-made house that suits you to perfection.







Rötzer-Ziegel-Element-Haus GmbH
Avantgarde 200
Rötzer—One decisive idea ahead

We know from experience that our customers appreciate their new home especially when they have had the opportunity to contribute their creative ideas during the design and planning phase. Prefabricated houses that do not offer any individual design options are no alternative for most of our customers. Each Rötzer brick element house is unique. Every roof, every floor plan, every basement is developed and built individually—according to your wishes. Be it a bungalow as a residence for old age, or a multi-generation house—no problem for us! Rötzer builds houses. Efficiently. Naturally healthy. Individually.



BSH Holzfertighaus GmbH
Landhaus Exklusiv

Individual & Sustainable.
Since 1977

This is no contradiction, because it is the great variety of possibilities of the Bodenseehaus than can help you plan and build your dream home on your own terms. You lead the way: e.g. child-friendly, flexible and open, single-family or multi-family home. That means: even when the children have grown up and started their own family, they can continue to live in the versatile Bodenseehaus—because from the outset, your house is designed to adapt to the residents’ needs. Planning ahead means living in accordance with your needs.



Rubner Haus
25a Residenz “Alma”
25b Blockhaus “Clara”

Longevity and individuality

For 55 years, we have always taken our environmental responsibility and the individual wishes of our customers most seriously. With a Rubner house, you are not just building for yourself, but for the next generation too. Wood is a building material that stands for longevity, a material that will still meet stringent requirements even after many years. Due to the innumerable requirements that are made of a home these days, the wish for flexibility is an ever-growing need. The house must be adaptable. This is exactly what we stand for, to plan your house individually and turn it into a reality.
We build homes for every situation in life.








Bien-Zenker GmbH
What can we do for you?

Innovation starts with you. Every Bien-Zenker house is a reflection of the wishes and needs of its owners. This is only possible because we take the time to get to know you as our clients and understand your situation and requirements. Only then, together with you, do we design the house that fits perfectly into your living environment, forming the new center of your life. We don’t reinvent the house for this. But with each family building owners we create a new, unique, individual house. To this end, we are constantly developing new ideas and concepts for architecture, for the interplay of construction and building services, and for optimal production with perfect quality. Come and see for yourself at the CONCEPT-M München show home.





Danhaus—Das 1Liter-Haus!

Well prepared: Make two out
of one Danhaus

The classic single-family house often feels too big after a few years. So a combination of your home plus granny flat offers undreamt-of advantages, whether as a multi-generational house, as an office or for a tenant, making your home become a safe investment. Depending on the building and heating technology you want, you can secure up to 2 x EUR 30,000 for a KfW 40 Plus efficiency house as a repayment subsidy towards your KfW loan of 2 x EUR 120,000! That doesn’t mean you have to make concessions in terms of charm and individual style on a Danhaus, because our “two-in-one concept” ideally integrates a second apartment into the popular Nordic architectural style. Various designs with countless detailing options make building with extra safety factor a double pleasure.



Huber & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG
Huber — Holzmassivhaus

Adaptable diversity
for the future

The requirements of a house today are as diverse as the lifestyles of the people living in it. The site itself imposes further requirements. Prefabricated, rigid concepts will not do here, because flexibility is becoming increasingly important also with regard to living. Based on detailed consultation and the intensive investigation of your requirements, wishes and ideas, we are able to see your future home with “your eyes.” This results in a unique planning process tailored to your needs—no matter whether living and home office are to be combined, a multi-generational house, shared apartments or completely different concepts. Because a good house must be one thing above all: adaptable. This adaptability and flexibility is provided by our individual planning. Talk to us, because every Huber timber house is unique.



Gruber Holzhaus GmbH
Gruber Naturholzhaus

Planning for the future—
individually, flexibly and durably

At a time when quality living space is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, especially in the major cities, flexibility of use plays a major role in building planning. Depending on the property situation and according to the wishes of the client, Gruber builds individually planned houses with foresight, such as barrier-free bungalows, single-family homes with granny flat, semi-detached or multi-generational houses. Preparatory provisions for later extensions or additions are also possible. Gruber natural timber houses are houses for every life situation, planned with foresight, flexible, needs-based and adaptable, a dream living space forever.






SchwörerHaus KG
Modernes Doppelhaus mit Satteldach
Three residential units in
contemporary semi-detached

Our society is changing. The classic, nuclear family is only one variety of potential life concepts. There is an increasing demand for living solutions for blended families, shared apartments or several generations under one roof. In this contemporary country-style Schwörer house, two entrances reveal the semi-detached house concept behind the architecture of a detached single-family house, rendered in a traditional south German style with a partially timbered façade. In fact, the house contains three residential units of different sizes—ideal for a multi-generational house: The young family resides in one half of the house, while the parents live on the ground floor of the other half without barriers, and a young person or tenant moves into the granny flat above.



FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG
50,000 tasks less.
More time to live.

The smart electricity house: It thinks for itself, uses various electricity storage options such as the classic battery storage system, the screed as a heat storage system, and the electric car as a mobile storage unit. Your house adjusts to seasons and the weather, offers the highest level of comfort, and helps you to feel even safer in your new home. A smart home is a smart decision in more ways than one: Intelligent tech­nology not only makes it future-proof, it also eliminates a lot of the chores and decisions you have to make every day, leaving you more time for the important things in life. The smart home always provides the right setting, whether you’re working or wish to relax. FischerHaus cooperates with home automation supplier Loxone.








HARTL HAUS Holzindustrie GmbH
Musterhaus Ambition 157 W
Realizing the dream of shared
living—with foresight

You want it distinctive, functional and well-conceived with a vision of the future? With “Zukunft Wohnen” (future living), HARTL HAUS makes your dream of living come true—even for several generations. Well thought-out living concepts and individual floor plans are the key to the “Zukunft Wohnen” type of living. During a personal consultation, we determine the exact needs and requirements of your home. The art is to create shared living spaces plus personal retreats, which make for varied and harmonious cohabitation. Together with HARTL HAUS, you can create co-living environments that brings added value for all generations.



HUF Haus ART 5

HUF HAUS: In tune with the times
and always one step ahead!

The innovative family business always keeps moving—working on research, development and optimization, thus ensuring to always offer you the best possible living experience. Today and in the future: For example, special HUF concept houses serve to test and analyze the latest technologies and construction details and bring them to market maturity. HUF HAUS cooperates with well-known companies and institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or with the chair of major universities such as the University of the Armed Forces in Munich on specific topics.





FingerHaus GmbH
Mehrfamilienhaus MAXIM
Multifunctional living with
maximum possibilities

Changed life circumstances? The FingerHaus MAXIM house concept will accommodate such developments and can be easily adapted: Each house has an additional granny flat that can be used in a variety of ways, for example as an apartment for grand­parents, adult children, for renting or as an office for freelance work. An extension module for existing Finger houses can also be provided. To get an impression of the attractive architecture and clever floor plan ideas, interested parties can visit www.fingerhaus.de and even take a 360° tour to visit the MAXIM model house located in Gießen.



Bungalow CLARON 1.1090
Building a house—
shaping the future together

Future living—this is our contribution to significant energy saving and resource conservation. In our house building manufactories, we use wood to build modern, ecological and healthy houses for the future. With the bungalow in Poing, we already thought ahead during the planning stage: a perfectly insulated finished basement with daylight and high-quality amenities adds a second level to the house, which can be used as a hobby, fitness or office space. The fully-fledged living basement can be reached via an open staircase, the optional installation of a homelift ensures unrestricted accessibility if required. With an outside staircase, it is even possible to create a separately accessible granny flat, for example for a caregiver in old age.


Ziegelmontagebau Johanni GmbH
Musterhaus München
Longevity and diversity
of options make it the ideal
multigenerational house

Even in the standard version, our brick houses achieve a good sound insulation value, which is even more important in a multigenerational house. Our individual planning allows us to implement your personal wishes. Thanks to the solid construction, you remain flexible for decades and may also—in consideration of static requirements—make changes in the interior walls.


ALBERT Haus for the
intergenerational contract

Having several generations living under one roof has many advantages. We have often demonstrated our ability to organize the different generations logically, harmoniously and with plenty of space for the individual parties in perfect living spaces. In 2014, one of our multigenerational houses was even the winner of the German Dream House Award (Mehrgenerationenhaus). At ALBERT Haus, there is no off-the-peg home. Individual planning makes a great deal of sense in the conception of different life situations. Our architects like to share their experience with our clients.


Fertighaus WEISS GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Timeless floor plans and future-
oriented home automation

Planned with foresight and know-how, WEISS houses can accompany their residents for a lifetime: We offer floor plans, planning ideas and building technology concepts that pave the way for the future already today. The WEISS model house in Poing presents a contemporary and flexible floor plan that offers young families sufficient space and enables a successful balance between community and individuality at the same time. A shower and an additional room on the ground floor can later be used for living on one level without stairs. Of course, the Poing show home also provides the comfort and high-efficiency building technology that WEISS prefabricated houses are known for, which includes the extensive use of renewable energies.









Lehner Haus GmbH
Lehner Musterhaus Poing
Ecological materials and
modern design

Smart architectures for a charming design of all living spaces, the use of only eco­logically sound materials for sustainable construction, extremely low energy consumption, automated ventilation of rooms for the perfect indoor climate, as well as universal solutions for the easy control of all building technologies via smartphones or tablets: Lehner Haus already meets these requirements for its clients today. We continue to further develop such architectural and technological standards, to design individual efficiency houses of the future together families, couples or singles. Feel free to visit our show house to get free expert advice and for a good cup of coffee.






SchwörerHaus KG
Energieplus-Haus im
modernen Landhausstil
Healthier buildings—certified

Healthier buildings are high on the wish list of prospective family home builders. SchwörerHaus has therefore integrated healthier building into the entire planning and construction processes of its houses. This means: excellent sound insulation, no chemical wood preservation, plenty of daylight, fresh air and tested finishing materials. In order to verify the indoor air quality, which is so important for future residents, a total of over 700 indoor air measurements have been carried out since 2016 in cooperation with the Sentinel House Institute after the house was handed over. This is unique worldwide and therefore an important step in the right direction.






OKAL Haus GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Several generations
under one roof:
OKAL offers many options

Several generations under one roof also means: benefiting from one another. Generational living is enjoying great popularity again for good reason. For those who can see the advantages, OKAL offers its TwoRoom series. It combines the highest demands on architecture, sustainability and living comfort with the opportunity of living together under one roof and yet spatially separated from each other. Most houses are designed in such way that both apartments extend over two floors each—as a result, neither party has to compromise. And for those who—e.g. due to restricted mobility—want no stairs, there is the option of a granny flat at ground level.







Living Fertighaus GmbH
Viva la home!
We have understood
the meaning of home

To understand home, you have to understand people. That is why we are working over time in close collaboration on a continuous basis with people who are planning to build or have already built. We are in dialogue with them, discussing and learning. We understand that home is first and foremost a feeling and only then a building. That is the reason we have developed a bare-bone house concept that offers free­dom and security, self-determination and self-realization for everyone. But we also know how singular the needs of each individual can be—and where the differences lie. That is why, with Living Hause, you’re not just building a house. You are building a home. For you. For your family. For your future.



allkauf haus GmbH
Prestige 2V2

High-quality prefabs fulfill
the housing wishes of all

With its premium house series “Generation,” allkauf presents individual living solutions that harmoniously unite all generations of a family under one roof. The modular prefab house specialist responds to the wishes and needs of all future residents. Whether a two- or single-family home with secondary suite: The floor plans of all houses in this series have been designed so that two families can comfortably live under one roof. When two parties come together, the costs for a new build become manageable and often more affordable than you think. More on the flexible genera­tion house concept at www.allkauf.de.


ELKHAUS Deutschland
ELK 189 Effizienzhaus
Individual and flexible
space concepts

Several generations under one roof, comfortably and in harmony: With an individual living solution from ELKHAUS, this becomes reality. Because our flexible and space-saving room concepts meet the needs of all future residents. From barrier-free bungalows to single-family houses to semi-detached houses: big and small, young and old enjoy their freedom thanks to our large variety of floor plans. We build your dream house just the way it suits you. An extension for an additional room or a separate office, a large roof terrace: ELKHAUS gives your special wishes space.


Habitat21 Deutschland GmbH
habitat21 – Bauen und Wohnen
im 21. Jahrhundert
Simplicity is the highest form of
sophistication (Leonardo da Vinci)

Our design enables the greatest possible flexibility—for a lifetime!
A Habitat21 house is a timber/steel construction and is full of ingenious solutions and amenity options. As there are no load-bearing walls, you are free to divide up the interior. And not just today, but also for many years to come. With drywall technology, new space layouts are always possible.





Bauer Konzepthaus GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Compact floor plan—
clever solutions

A cozy, pleasantly tempered basement is the basis for optimizing your property invest­­ment. Regardless of whether you use the space for guests, your hobby, as a home office, for renting out or nursing service, this “living reserve” is simply ideal.
Cleverly planned, you can reach the mezzanine to the basement apartment via an outside staircase. Generous windows with light wells ensure user-friendly brightness. The partition walls are built with healthy bricks.
The well-insulated outer cellar walls are built as a water-impermeable component (“white tub”) as standard.







Drevo Haus GmbH
high-quality efficiency homes

Anyone deciding to build a house these days is deciding at the same time what energy balance will be left to future generations—and what costs are associated with it in the short and long term. Tailored to your individual needs and with a keen concern for energy efficiency, we offer a range of options. The smartest way to minimize energy consumption is to avoid the need for energy in the first place. For this reason, we at DrevoHaus have developed particularly energy-saving exterior walls. This ensures that there is only a minimum demand for energy to be met. Experience and competence together with personal architecture for people that believe in the future—that is Drevo Haus, that is true individuality.