Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing 187
Additional revenue from rental

Living space has become an expensive and scarce resource, the reason being ­primarily the price of coveted building lots. To exploit the space of the building lot to a maximum, many homebuilders integrate a secondary suite or granny flat. In the model home Poing 187, what looks like a garage from the outside is used as an ­architectural office, not wasting a single square meter of living space. Alternatively, it could be turned into a secondary suite and generate additional rental income or be used later as a separate apartment for grown-up children or other family members. Also, an office on the ground floor can optionally be used also as a guest-room. The MH Poing 187 offers sufficient space to accommodate several generations together under one roof.



FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG
Generation X

Factor X—living concepts that
provide double happiness.

Many building owners have historically catered for the “here and now”: They built spaces with the necessary children’s rooms, realizing years later after the children left, that the layout of the house in no way fits their lifestyle anymore. The “Generation X” is designed as a multigenerational home, and as such, it represents a first in the model homes park. Generous living space on two floors provides abundant living amenities. Built-in under the roof terrace is a disabled-friendly apartment for one or two users covering an area of approximately 50 m². It allows the older generation to participate in the life of the “young,” without abandoning their own independence.



Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing G 154

A basement can also
be living space.

An economic use of space characterizes sensible architecture. That is why the base­ment of the Haas house G 154 has been fully insulated and can thus be used as living space. Rooms in the house are used as offices. The actual idea of the homebuilder is to create a secondary suite in the basement. This house clearly illustrates that with excavation, good lighting conditions can be created in the basement, even on a flat property. The house above ground can be inhabited by a single family, with a separate apartment in the basement for children or lodgers, accessible via an external staircase. These extra apartments are usually eligible for state funding. Ask for more information from our Haas consultant in house G 154 on lot 7!


Schwabenhaus GmbH & Co. KG
Musterhaus München

Maximum flexibility
for communal living

Our vision at Schwabenhaus: we want to revolutionize home planning. In addition to free planning, future builders should be able to quickly and easily configure and customize their dream home. Our concept for this is the unique modular home system, which offers a large variety of well-thought-out home ideas that also fulfill many ­different client requirements. There are various design layout ideas that allow individual planning of multi-generation homes for shared living. With almost infinite possibilities, it makes for a tailor-made house that suits you to perfection.



Das Bodenseehaus
Landhaus Exklusiv

The special generation home—
individuality through diversity

This is no contradiction, because it is the great variety of possibilities of the Bodenseehaus than can help you plan and build your dream home on your own terms. You lead the way: e.g. child-friendly, flexible and open, single-family or multi-family home. That means: even when the children have grown up and started their own ­family, they can continue to live in the versatile Bodenseehaus—because from the outset, your house is designed so that it adapts to the occupants. Planning ahead means living in accordance with your needs.



Rubner Haus AG
25a Residenz “Alma”
25b Residenz “Clara”

Longevity and individuality

For 50 years, we have always taken our environmental responsibility and the individual wishes of our customers most seriously. With a Rubner house, you are not just building for yourself, but for the next generation too. Wood is a building material that stands for longevity, a material that will still meet stringent requirements even after many years. Due to the innumerable requirements that are made of a home these days, the wish for flexibility is an ever-growing need. The house must be adaptable. This is exactly what we stand for, to plan your house individually and turn it into a reality.
We build homes for every situation in life. It’s what we are here for—so talk to us about it.




Danhaus – das 1Liter-Haus!

Well provided for:
Make two from one

Owning your own home is one of the safest investments for old age. The combination of a home plus secondary suite offers major advantages, whether as a multigenerational house, as an office for a self-employed business or rental to a tenant. Right from the start of construction, costs can be offset against taxes that are not tax-deductible in case of housing that is just owner-occupied. Plus: income from rent can finance a part of the building costs and provide a nice extra income later. That doesn’t mean you have to make concessions in terms of charm and individual style on a Danhaus with secondary suite, because our “two-in-one concept” ideally integrates a second apartment into the popular Nordic architectural style. Various designs with countless detailing options make building with extra safety factor a double pleasure.



Huber & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

Adaptable diversity
for the future

The requirements of a house today are as diverse as the lifestyles of the people living in it. The site itself imposes further requirements. Off-the-shelf concepts are no longer any use. Whether two or three generations of a family are living here, ­several elderly people as a community, or space is needed for very different concepts, e.g. rental—a good home must be one thing above all else: adaptable. Your home can be given this adaptability through our individual planning. To ensure that your home is fit for the future, the building stock must continue to meet high ­requirements even after decades.
That is what Huber & Sohn houses stand for—come and talk to us about it.



Gruber Holzhaus GmbH
Gruber Naturholzhaus

Every Gruber natural-wood
house—one of a kind

Individual architectural planning at Gruber means: building houses for every situation in life—far-sighted, flexible, needs-oriented and adaptable. Depending on the ­property situation and in line with the wishes of the builders, planning can be for a semi-detached house, multi-family house, single-family house with granny flat, or a multi-generation bungalow. Gruber realizes accessibility with, among others, wide, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors, walk-in showers or by installing a lift for multi-story residences. It is also possible in the design phase to plan for a later extension or an addition of stories to the building. A Gruber natural-wood house is a house for all circumstances. A house forever.



HUF Haus ART 5

Building with vision

Life situations can change—and with them the individual needs. The HUF architecture is basically designed as to flexibly adapt living spaces to new life situations. The modular design of HUF houses makes structural changes easy to realize, even retroactively. Thus, multi-generational houses can be planned with built-in flexibility, and changed and adapted depending on the living situation. Whether a granny flat in the house with separate entrance or different wings for family members—depending on the wishes and needs of the clients, we develop and execute an individual floor plan. Find more project examples on the topic in our model house.


Johanni Ziegelhaus
Musterhaus München
Longevity and diversity
of options make it the ideal
multigenerational house

Even in the standard version, our brick houses achieve a good sound insulation value, which is even more important in a multigenerational house. Our individual planning allows us to implement your personal wishes. Thanks to the solid construction, you remain flexible for decades and may also—in consideration of static requirements—make changes in the interior walls.


Albert Haus
ALBERT Haus for the
intergenerational contract

Having several generations living under one roof has many advantages. We have often demonstrated our ability to organize the different generations logically, harmoniously and with plenty of space for the individual parties in perfect living spaces. In 2014, one of our multigenerational houses was even the winner of the German Dream House Award (Mehrgenerationenhaus). At ALBERT Haus, there is no off-the-peg home. Individual planning makes a great deal of sense in the conception of different life situations. Our architects like to share their experience with our clients.



allkauf haus GmbH
Prestige 2V2

High-quality prefabs
fulfill the housing wishes
of all generations

With its premium house series “Generation,” allkauf presents individual living solutions that harmoniously unite all generations of a family under one roof. The modular prefab house specialist responds to the wishes and needs of all future residents. Whether a two- or single-family home with secondary suite: The floor plans of all houses in this series have been designed so that two families can comfortably live under one roof. When two parties come together, the costs for a new build become manageable and often more affordable than you think. More on the flexible generation house concept at www.allkauf.de. www.allkauf.de.


ELK Fertighaus GmbH
ELK 189 Effizienzhaus 40
The multigenerational home
of ELK

Several generations under one roof—actually an ideal way of life. People in Southern Europe have demonstrated how it can work out for decades. But even in our latitudes, the multigenerational house is increasingly becoming a viable housing model with a future. The benefits are obvious—small children are always looked after, whoever is ill can be cared for in a familiar environment, residents may keep to themselves when they want, yet are never lonely—just to name a few. ELK houses for large ­families offer you solutions that are individual and tailor-made to the needs of your family. Houses by ELK are versatile. As versatile as life, as versatile as you and your family.