Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing 187

Intelligent home automation

The Haas MH Poing 187 from Haas Fertigbau is a house that thinks for itself. When it rains, the skylights close. While the occupants are asleep in bed, the bathroom warms up. If a window is opened, the heating is reduced. When the owners come home after a hard day’s work, they are greeted by soft music and individual lighting. Behind all of this is the invisible butler of the house: building automation – a special assistance system that offers comfort and energy efficiency. The presence simulation provides security: if it is switched on, raising and lowering blinds or varying lighting simulates the presence of the occupants and thus deters potential burglars.



Regnauer Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG
Musterhaus Poing

Smart Building
Naturally smart—
down to the details

Your Vitalhouse is smart. Automatically, it creates the suitable lighting, the feel-good temperature, the right ambience. A mini-server bundles the control of blinds, lighting and heating, operated conventionally via switches or motion sensors. Remote control and visualization via iPhone, iPad or Web interface are designed in, as are automatic notifications by mail or SMS. Intelligent, networked systems mean comfort, safety and additional energy efficiency, such as windows closing automatically when it rains, or all consumer devices switching off with a click. In addition, Regnauer offers modern solar and photovoltaic systems as well as ventilation and venting systems with innovative home automation. Precisely tailored to your well-being.



LUXHAUS Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG
LUXHAUS | fine

Smart, networked and

Intelligent interconnection and efficiency characterize the home automation tech­nology of the plus energy house LUXHAUS | fine. Lighting, shading, and individual room controls are operated automatically by a BUS system. This enables optimal utilization of environmental energies in winter and prevents the building overheating in summer. Manual control is possible via an app as required; a central iPad has been installed for this purpose in the show home. It also allows operation and monitoring of all other building functions such as light engineering, window monitoring, lighting, ventilation and air humidification system, output of the PV system, as well as the multi-room audio system.



FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG
Generation X

The future has begun

Just imagine: It is a gloomy day outside, it’s raining and that whole November mood can really get you down. In the “Generation X” house, just one touch on the central control unit creates the right ambient light for feeling good, while at the same time reducing the brightness in the children’s room to “fall asleep minimum.” The wonder­ful intelligent light effects produced by economical LEDs fit around the activities in your lifestyle and contribute to the stylish character of your house. This light—like everything else in the “Generation X”—can even be controlled when you are away from home. Using the “intellihome” system, the owner controls the house, for example via the Internet using a smartphone, just as if he was at home.



Haas Fertigbau GmbH
Haas MH Poing G 154

Flexible bus technology

The Haas house G 154 illustrates the foresight of the company’s philosophy. The house was built in 1999 and equipped back then with bus technology that was ground-breaking at the time. The house is wired to the bus system, enabling the integration of additional functions such as lighting or heating controls into the intelligent home automation system any time. We are showing an upgrade version of this technology in our 2nd model home on plot 1. An advantage of bus wiring that is not to be underestimated is the retrofitting capability. For example, when a self-contained, secondary suite is to be subsequently installed in the basement, the layout of the switch functions can be easily rearranged without needing to lay new cables.



Musterhaus Poing
Individual and energy-efficient
into your smart home

Smart home applications are usually on the wish lists of those interested in building today. With intelligent home automation, shading, lighting, heating and door communi­ca­tion can be controlled even while you are out and about. That saves time and energy. An energy-saving house from STREIF is built individually for each client. Besides the excellent thermal insulation properties of the sustainable wood panel construction, innovative building services and the precise planning of the floor plans with regard to the layout, the number and size of the rooms are decisive for later living comfort. The high quality of a STREIF house has been documented by the seals of quality and approval of independent institutes and associations. STREIF has been building quality since 1929.






WeberHaus GmbH & Co. KG
WeberHaus Individual
Home control WeberLogic 2.0
as standard with WeberHaus

WeberLogic 2.0 intelligent home control provides for more energy efficiency, living comfort and security. It can be operated via tablet or smartphone from home and on the go, and of course also via voice assistants Alexa and Siri. The system relieves the residents of chores in a meaningful way and makes their everyday lives easier. The integrated weather station ensures that awnings and external blinds are retracted in wind and rain. Automatic shading is also possible, saving energy. In addition, there are many other functions such as presence simulation or regulation of the ventilation system. The WeberLogic 2.0 home control system by WeberHaus has received multiple awards. Most recently (05/2020) by the SmartHome Initiative Germany in the category “Best implemented SmartHome project.”



Musterhaus Poing
Pure living joy thanks to intelli-
gent technology—Smart Home
for more safety and comfort

As a future-oriented company, DAVINCI HAUS offers its clients a smart home package specially developed for single-family homes, whereby living comfort is clearly the foremost objective. Starting with lighting, blinds and room temperature control, operated via tablet or smartphone, via access control with fingerprinting, fully automatic building monitoring down to the integration of an entertainment system with individual room control—we cover the entire portfolio. The smart house does the thinking for you and takes care of all aspects relating to comfort, safety and energy savings. Sophisticated DAVINCI HAUS design culture integrates the individual components of living into an overall aesthetic structure.



Musterhaus Montana L

Safety, comfort and
energy efficiency thanks
to RENSCH-HAUS i-tec®

RENSCH-HAUS has stood for “building with respect,” quality and innovation since 1876. With the RENSCH-HAUS i-tec® smart home technology, an in-house development, a building automation system was created that enables flexibility and easy expand­ability of functions for the building owner, independent of vendor and possible even years after move-in. With this technology, RENSCH-HAUS can fully cover all topics from convenience & safety, building efficiency as well as integration of audio solutions. The system is controlled comfortably and intuitively via smartphone or tablet with an app for iOS, Android or Windows provided by RENSCH-HAUS. Experience the power of RENSCH-HAUS i-tec® during a demonstration in our show home Montana L in Poing.








Lechner Massivhaus GmbH
Musterhaus München
Innovative control, regulation, living

Smart already at the door: The particularly secure entrance door to the Lechner Massivhaus in Poing can be unlocked by fingerprint. Smart inside: With the innovative Busch-Jäger bus system, you can control modern building technology via attractive wall displays and switch systems or—even smarter—while on the go: via mobile phone. It is ideal that the conduits have already been built into the solid, expanded clay walls at the factory. In contrast to traditional solid construction, no slots have to be cut. Smart when it comes to energy-saving heating: the fuel cell in the base­ment not only produces heat, but also electricity.


Musterhaus Selection München-Poing
Clever floor plan for your
personalized dream home

Like all Schwabenhaus homes, the new show house in Munich-Poing is based on a clever floor plan that, thanks to our modular house system, can be individually adapted to the living situation of the client. The model home is barrier-optimized and features an innovative ventilation and heating technology. In addition, the Selection home in Poing is fitted with a Loxone Smart Home system, able to intuitively control security, energy, light, shading, heating, sound and multimedia as well as access—enabling maximum ease of use.


Innovative home automation
for maximum comfort

In addition to the climate-comfort construction method with ecological building materials and healthy finishing materials, the houses of Schwabenhaus use inno­vative home and heating techniques. Each house has a smart home basic package and is equipped with climate-comfort heat-pump heating system. The EnOcean Smart Home technology ensures maximum ease of use. It allows, for example, the control of roller shutters or light sources via radio. Depending on the heat pump selected, central heating control via the app is also possible. Schwabenhaus thus offers its customers maximum comfort, safety and energy efficiency.



Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co. KG

Musterhaus Alpenchic

Germany’s first eco-efficiency
house with climate protection
certificate and fuel cell heating

With its “Alpenchic” show house, Baufritz sets an “architectural counterpoint” to the Bauhaus architecture. Instead of a cool Bauhaus-cube without frills this new, exceptional model home impressively exemplifies “the new modern cosiness!” Real and visible timber construction architecture in a contemporary interpretation combined with well-conceived design details and purposefully incorporated glass surfaces. As a health-certified eco-design house with advanced fuel cell heating and self-produced power utilization, it also offers comfort with a perceptibly healthy room climate!



Rubner Haus
25a Residenz “Alma”
25b Blockhaus “Clara”

The thinking house—
smart home automation

The house that thinks independently! The control of lighting, shading, heating, ventila­tion and air conditioning are integral parts of a Rubner House. Imagine: It’s November and rather cold for the season. You are coming home soaking-wet—but you are happy: Because via your cell phone, you have already set the room temperature to a pleasant 22 degrees, the roof windows, which you left open in the morning, have closed automatically due to the rain, your individual lighting is switched on and your choice of music is welcoming you in the living room. You feel good. And that is exactly what we want to achieve with our homes, what Rubner is committed to.



Bien-Zenker GmbH
Concept-M München

Smart for comfort, energy
and security

The model house “CONCEPT-M München” demonstrates how “smart” houses can be today. It helps residents every day in different areas of life, thus increasing living comfort. It automatically minimizes energy costs and ensures safety. Home tech­nology and household appliances are optimally networked to save electricity, and the rooms are automatically ventilated (comfort climate+). Windows, shutters and external blinds open and close as needed autonomously, thereby maintaining the set well-being temperature. And the extensive security system effectively sends burglars packing. Obviously, residents have the option of manually intervening in any process at any time via touchscreen, tablet or smartphone—even if they are out of the house and a long way away!





Danhaus—Das 1Liter-Haus!
Smart Home finds its way
into the Danhaus world

Since first participation in “The smart home” interactive fair in the model home exhi­bition “Home and Garden” in Bad Vilbel, the topic of “smart home” has found its way into the Danhaus world. Danhaus combines the unmistakable Nordic archi­tecture with state-of-the-art home automation technology from SCHWAIGER. HOME4YOU is the name under which the smart home division of the SCHWAIGER Company operates. Their system can be sampled already before the start of construction or retrofitted at any time. It offers more security, greater comfort and an even more efficient use of energy. With the innovative Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco, it will also be possible in a Danhaus to charge your electric car safely and conveniently in future.



Huber & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

Intelligent building control
system with touchscreen,
iPad and iPhone

Huber timber houses are not only sustainable and energy efficient, but also smart. With smart building control, you can set and monitor your lighting, shading systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and much more from anywhere. However, bus tech­­nology also offers the possibility of visualizing and controlling complex scenarios, —such as the “Leave home” scenario. With one click, it switches all the lights off, closes the roller blinds and reduces the temperature. This technology enables you to always keep an eye on your current power consumption. Don’t miss any more visitors at the front door—it is possible to integrate multiple IP cameras—for convenience and security. With an intuitive user interface, you can easily control that and much more from your smartphone, tablet or touchscreen installed in the house.








SchwörerHaus KG
Modernes Doppelhaus mit Satteldach
Home control per app—
safe at the touch of a button

With the Somfy TaHoma Premium Smarthome System, home control via smartphone or tablet is even more convenient. With a single app, residents have access to e.g. shutters, blinds, the video door intercom, lights and alarm system—anytime and from anywhere. Programmable scenarios make everyday life more comfortable and safer. For example, the “going away” scenario can be activated at the touch of a button to lower the shutters, turn off the lights and arm the alarm system when you leave the house. The system can be expanded with WiFi-enabled household appliances from numerous manufacturers. Certification by the IT company Syss guarantees optimal security for the servers that store all Somfy data.



FischerHaus GmbH & Co. KG
The Electricity House—
intelligent, independent

Being independent of the power giant … and always knowing where the power is on. Something we all want.
The solar power generated has to be managed: for heating, hot water or for the electric car. The integrated home automation also helps to save energy, raises security against break-ins and increases living comfort. The Loxone Smart Home provides the ideal building concept, especially for a modern prefabricated timber house. Stationary and mobile control elements as well as apps for smart phones or tablets make operating the home control network particularly user-friendly.








HARTL HAUS Holzindustrie GmbH
Musterhaus Ambition 157 W
Energy management—
more living comfort with
ingenious building services

The Ambition 157 W New Life by HARTL HAUS is a smart eco-house at heart, demonstrating on 157 m² of floor space how well-conceived living of the future can look. With its smart home control, the house adapts to the needs of its residents. Heating, cooling, music, shading, light or alarm systems—everything works in uni­son and is adapted to the habits of the residents. In the technology department, floor planning goes hand in hand with planning of the building services and selection of the suitable components. To find perfectly coordinated solutions for the customer with as few compromises as possible, clear, comprehensible advice tailored to the client’s needs is the order of the day here.



Hanse Haus GmbH & Co. KG
Variant 25–192
Clever homes for more
everyday comfort

The clever home automation in our Variant 25–192 is not only practicable, but facilitates everyday life in your new home. The system protects its residents from uninvited guests and warns of fire or severe weather conditions. Thanks to the combination of special security modules developed in-house with general smart home modules, residents will be notified directly in case of an alarm. In addition, the smart home solution also helps saving energy. For example, it will automatically disconnect devices in stand-by mode from the power supply. At the same time, the smart home measures energy consumption and uncovers potential savings as well as power guzzlers. The intelligent home can be conveniently controlled using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.



HUF Haus ART 5
Architecture at its smartest

To make living in the HUF House as pleasant as possible, smart home technology can be installed on request. All desired functions can be easily enabled via touch panels, push buttons or cell phone: be it blinds, lights, multimedia and kitchen appliances or temperature and ventilation and even the alarm system. The components can be activated individually or run in a scenario in interaction with other networked devices. HUF HAUS uses the KNX system, which clearly stands out from standardized solu­tions because it is expandable and independent of suppliers, enabling quick and flexible response to changing usage requirements. Extensions and conversions can be easily integrated into the future-proof system.



FingerHaus GmbH
Future-proof with the
best energy efficiency and
smart home technology

The smart home technology of the MEDLEY 3.0 in Poing is exceptionally future-proof: The high-quality KNX building automation system networks lighting, individual room control for heating and cooling, blind and roller shutter control as well as ventilation, and controls their operation depending on the weather conditions like the sun, wind, rain and frost. Even the power consumption values of the electrical outlets, lighting, heating and photovoltaic system can be called up individually at any time and visualized on a screen. The vision of a pleasant indoor climate at all times, for which no more kilowatt hours than necessary are consumed—it becomes reality at the MEDLEY 3.0.



Bungalow CLARON 1.1090
Smart, digital technologies
for convenience and safety

The model home in Poing features state-of-the-art, digital technologies. The Smart­Home package has an integrated web server and thus enables control of electric shutters via smartphone or tablet as well as interfacing with a voice control or an IP video intercom. In the house itself, control can be exercised via a touch panel installed in the kitchen front. With its Android operating system, it connects the home directly to the internet and social media. It goes without saying that apps can be installed, including the Viessmann energy management system. The package offers numerous extensions, e.g. lighting control or the integration of an alarm system.





Your house knows
what’s on your mind!

With an ALBERT house, you can not only make yourself independent of your landlord, but also of energy prices. Smart home: a networked, intelligent home provides more security, saves valuable time and lowers energy costs. Be it the suitable lighting scenario for a candlelight dinner, letting your child fall asleep or the perfect temperature in the living room—almost everything can be controlled with your smartphone as desired—from work, from vacation or from your sofa. And when you are on vacation, your house simulates your presence—safety is a matter of intelligence.


Fertighaus WEISS GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Programmed for comfort
and efficiency

Greater living comfort and lower energy consumption go hand in hand thanks to the WEISS Home Solution: The house takes care of basic functions itself, controls them efficiently and gives residents more time for the important things. Our in-house consultants and smart home experts advise building owners competently and individually—for smart home solutions that automate various functions as required. In Poing, WEISS is showing a radio-based, open smart home system that can be set up in modules and expanded step-by-step. As an alternative, prefab house manu­facturer WEISS offers a system that is based on cabling and can also be individually tailored to customer requirements.









Lehner Haus GmbH
Lehner Musterhaus Poing
Modern technology, security
and comfort

Smart technologies are conquering all areas. Contemporary and comfortable living also includes the control of building technology through intelligent solutions, from heating system and scheduled hot water heating to indoor and outdoor lighting to garage doors, blinds, video and alarm applications for home security or the control of photovoltaics. We integrate simple and partially automated solutions for you in all areas on request. Our clients may also control the smart technologies remotely to ensure constant security and a good living environment in their home. Feel free to visit our show house to get free expert advice and for a good cup of coffee.






SchwörerHaus KG
Energieplus-Haus im modernen
Safety, comfort and efficiency in
the Schwörer EnergyPlus House

The Schwörer “HomeOne” in the show home in Poing is a comfortable “smart home system” that integrates modern home entertainment and automatic home control on a joint user interface. Entertainment features (music, video, photo, TV) and home control functions (e.g. temperature, light, automatic shading, ventilation heating, energy storage) can be managed via touch screen and also represented on different home TVs. Connecting different room functions is possible. Via iPad or iPhone, residents have access to the control center of their home at any time, no matter where they happen to be. All devices are connected via Ethernet (KNX-BUS). The system can be expanded at will with any Wi-Fi-enabled devices.






OKAL Haus GmbH
Musterhaus Poing

Controlling your electrical
devices via app from anywhere

The future belongs to the networking of electrical and digital devices to reduce costs, energy and work within the home. We are paying tribute to this development by offering one of the most comprehensive smart home fully integrated solutions as an option for every future newbuild. This is a system that enables the user to control the entire electrical system via smartphone—no matter where in the world they are. Activation is possible via an app and per voice input. The user can decide for himself whether he wants to control each device or shutter individually or as a whole. Even coffee can be brewed without leaving your bed this way.









Living Fertighaus GmbH
Pre-programmed lifestyle

Just imagine: Today is your TV series night, you come home and simply click the “Series Mode” button. The blinds close, the right lighting comes on, and a few other things you have pre-programmed get activated. This is smart home live in a Living house! Thanks to the home automation system, the alarm system is actuated with one click. When you are out of the house, the skylights close automatically in case of a spontaneous cloudburst, while the venetian blinds go up when it gets too windy. By the way: After completion of the outer shell, you are completely free to design the interior of your Living house to your wishes. The service security package is included. Living house: The taste for new living.




Aumer Massivhaus
Musterhaus Poing
Digital power—more comfort,
more safety

AUMER fits your home with the intelligent network system “digitalSTROM.” With digitalSTROM, you can network your electrical appliances in the new dream home using the existing power lines, thus achieving a new dimension of living comfort.From individual lighting atmospheres to power savings and increased security, digitalSTROM covers a wide range of intelligent solutions. You use a computer, smartphone or tablet to control networked devices—easy and practical. With digitalSTROM, the “networked” home is no longer science fiction but modern convenient living.






allkauf haus GmbH
Prestige 2V2
myGekko home system—
modern and future-oriented

With the unique myGEKKO home automation system, allkauf offers you a mobile home control system with an extremely wide range of features that make your everyday life easier. Whether via the innovative touchpad at the house entrance or via smart­phone app, all controls—from lights, roller blinds, heating to music system—can be set this way.
Even security is perfectly integrated in the well thought through home control system: motion detectors and alarm functions give you a safe feeling at all times.


ELKHAUS Deutschland
ELK 189 Effizienzhaus
Smart, comfortable
and secure

Enjoy comfort at the touch of a button and save time for the important things in life at the same time—with the ELK SMART HOME by SOMFY. Whether lighting, electrical outlets or shading: The intelligent home can be controlled easily and con­veniently via smartphone, tablet or via web interface on a PC. And you can always be at rest, because the smart home system protects you from uninvited guests, using cameras, security sensors and an alarm. Especially in times of climate change, temperature, sun and energy consumption sensors also help to save valuable resources. ELKHAUS thinks one step further: The system communicates with the io homecontrol radio standard and is therefore future-proof.


Habitat21 Deutschland GmbH
habitat21—Bauen und Wohnen im
21. Jahrhundert
Consistently smart—from
planning by configurator to everyday living

Even the planning phase is smart for our customers. They can plan and fit out their house in a web configurator. In addition to the high flexibility in terms of size, features and layout, each habitat21 house can be configured as a SmartHome. There are three SmartHome packages to choose from—from basic to professional level. The habitat21 house is consistently geared to the amenities of a smart networked environ­ment. From the first planning click to pleasant everyday living, our innovative carrier system construction method has literally been made for it.



invivo haus GmbH
Musterhaus München
Smart home technology for
more comfort and fun living

The door opens with a fingerprint, the lights are only on exactly where you are, the heating turns itself down as soon as a window is opened, and a problem with the heating system reports itself by text message. And if you’ve left home wondering whether the espresso machine is still switched on, you can simply turn it off with your smartphone. There are already many smart homes that make life more convenient, providing security and on top of that save energy. A built-in bus system ensures that the individual components can communicate with each other—a future-proof system that conforms to a worldwide standard. Homeowners are able to control this system simply and conveniently and at any time with a mobile device.





Bauer Konzepthaus GmbH
Musterhaus Poing
Silent helpers

With the smart BUS technology, we offer you the highest level of operating comfort in your new home. Roller blinds, heating, room temperature, light source control and much more can be conveniently controlled via your tablet.
If the usage of rooms changes—no problem, the new requirement will be simply programmed; no cabling or drilling work is required.